Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Holidays

Hello All,

Once again apologies for what has been far too long since the last blog. I don't really have a good excuse. All that needs to be said is I got stuck in a bit of a rut doing nothing the last couple of weeks and the blog, like a lot else, has suffered. So apologies to you all.

There hasn't been a lot happening though. The rugby pre-season competition has kicked off and my club, Old Collegians, has two teams in. Unfortunately the seconds got thumped last week and so we're in the plate competition. We play Port Adelaide this week, and after a solid performance last week and working my socks off at training tonight I should be starting (I think) on Saturday. Despite toying with a switch to hooking, I am still playing breakaway up at the Senior level. Sorry, slipped in to Aussie speak there, that's flanker.

The holidays have been pretty quiet, aside from a trip to the Cathedral on Easter Day, a little trip up to Pine Point (a tiny town on the Yorke Peninsula) for a night just to have a chilled day with friends and what is now shaping up to be a pretty good weekend, heading down to do some surfing tomorrow and Monday, with a nice lunch up in the hills on Sunday.

I have been a bit of a plonker recently, and I apologise to everyone for this; things have been pretty hard after eight months and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. Having said this, I am conscious not to wish the time away and I think as a result have actually ended winding myself up a bit... Short story: sorry to everyone for a lack of contact, being a Juan Pablo and, to use an Australian-ism, generally being a bit of a bad bloke. I will try hard to make this up to everyone in the next few days.


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  1. Ah, the 'Dog Days' away from home. It happens to us all. Just glad you have managed to work your way through.