Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Australian Money incredibly annoying.

The notes, yes, are very cool. Despite only having the Queen on the 5 Dollar one. But aside from the exchange rates, the coins are horrendous. Seriously. 2 Dollar coins are the size of a one pence thus more likely to be lost.

The logical thing to do would be to make more important coins with more value bigger. But no. Not in Australia. Fifty cent coins are the size of my fist. Huge 12 sided 50pence like things. And 20 cents are nearly as big and definitely much bigger than a Dollar coin. And the ten cent coins are the same!!!!

It is horrendously annoying.

Especially when you have 17 dollars and 40 cents worth.

Sorry for the rant but it needed to be said.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

28th July

So... I'm coming to the end of my first proper day as a Gappy here. About ten minutes left in the first duty of the day which has passed uneventfully. Just a bit of Facebook, getting my news fix on BBC Online, and trying to keep warm.

The weather has been a serious issue for me. In fact it has been rather comforting to know that Australians don't have perma-tans and blonde hair (at least not all of them). They are however, all sports mad. My attempts at learning to kick a "footy" are improving and I'll hopefully get a game for Saints 3rd XVIII soon! I'm thoroughly enjoying playing Rugby (despite a loss on Saturday we're still on track for making the Semi's of the U-18 League), and the weather has meant a gradual introduction. Although blazing heat and hard ground on Saturday reminded me where I am.

Life here really is incredibly chilled out though. No pressure to do anything, organisation is a trait that has been greeted by my flatmates with bemusement (yes, they think that I am organised) and everyone, without exception has been extra-ordinarily welcoming and kind. I do need a coffee machine though - its getting tough. Though there are some nice coffee shops in town, including a remarkably good chain called Cibo, the walk in this weather is something best saved for the pubs in the evening. Of which there are many, although you will be disappointed to know I lost the inaugral Monday Night Pool at the Hackney against Ross.

Two things to finish this collection of thoughts as darkness (and as I possibly hear a roll of thunder) approaches:
  1. I'm about to ring a very cool bell.
  2. As tea time approaches I'm conscious that its only breakfast back home and I'll be eating my meal the other way up to you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My First Post

Hello all,

Firstly apologies for the delay in getting this thing set up, I'm now pretty much settled in here and actually in the middle of my first duty...

I had a fairly pleasant trip over here, despite a two hour delay whilst the pilot's chair got fixed in Heathrow.... strange I know. Though actually pretty good - no idea what I'd have done with five hours in Chengi Airport. Even with three: there's only so much sushi one can eat and beer one can consume whilst flying! Although it was in a most pleasant out door bar on top of the airport, even if it was a little muggy.

I was greeted at the airport in Oz by some ridiculously thorough customs officers, and a friendly sniffer dog. Having got through that, Matho, my flatmate, met me with a ridiculous sign (pictures to follow). And then it was... Macca's. Then to my new home. After watching One Hour Photo (a good but disturbing thriller with Robin Williams), I unpacked whilst Matho and Ross went back to bed. The afternoon passed in between snoozes and footy (Aussie Rules, which incidentally is pretty good, though not quite as good as the Aussies think). In the evening I experienced my first Schnitzle and beer though it was somewhat forced down as I had no clue what time it was! Then it was back to the flat to finsih watching the Hawthorn v. Collingwood game. Which was followed by a solid 12 hour sleep.

Can't really remember Sunday... more footy and food I think. As well as seeing Adelaide a bit. Monday is when work and stuff started, I got to know Paul Ryan, the Deputy Head and some of the staff I'm working with, mostly the PE lot. Had my first Rugby session yesterday and our first match is tomorrow. I'm also playing for the local side Old Collegians RFC with my first training session tommorrow night.

I hope anyone reading this has found it interesting. Much of what I put here will be for the benefit of friends and family. Feel free to email (, or just comment on here. I hope you enjoy this page. I'll try and keep it updated fairly regularly and will let you know when I put some photo's up. In the meantime, check out Facebook.

Cheers, Pj