Thursday, November 26, 2009


My attempts at growing a mo' for Movember have gone pretty badly. BUT, there are some VERY impressive efforts out there (Uncle Gary would be proud).

We're aiming for as much as we can (obviously), and thanks to some very generous donations, reckon we can do it!

For those of you who have donated, thank you very much. For those of you who haven't, please do so HERE (and remember, Aussie Dollars are about double British Sterling...).

If that hasn't worked, this is the address:

Have a cruise round the site and see what its all about - I will be doing this next year and will need team members!


The end of Novemeber and the beginning of... Summer!?

Before I start...

9-8!!! Get in!

Anyway, many apologies for the lack of any news or contact in the last few weeks, I have been incredibly busy, even more so than when running the PE department a few weeks back (which I got tickets to Adelaide United for)! Since Ross has left my workload has effectively doubled at school, leaving me exhausted and wanting to do no more than sleep when I get home. On top of that I am currently preparing boys for the end of year exams, which involves plenty of revision timetables!

I moved into Ross' room last night. I gave it a shuffle about furniture wise, and a much needed hover and I am now pretty settled in. Admittedly it was literally just across the hall! I need to get a few things, including some hooks for some towels and maybe some multi-adaptor-plug things but otherwise all is good.

The weather has cooled down somewhat and is now absolutely glorious: blue skies, sunshine, perfect temperature - wonderful spring time weather! But it's very strange being November and like this. My head is telling me I should be playing rugby and wearing at least four layers!

There is not too much else to report... my 9B's finished the term undefeated, probably by ignoring everything I told them to do, and being a tutor is pretty awesome.

Everyone is getting really excited about summer now, and I can't wait. I am off to buy my bodyboard and Editors CD this weekend, should be about all I need!

I'll try my hardest to keep this more updated in future weeks. I'll post my itinerary for Christmas up here soon too!

Pj xxx

Thursday, November 12, 2009

All sports practices today are cancelled...

No, not because of rain, but due to heat. As Adelaide registers its first ever November heat-wave, school sport on the weekend has been cancelled! Meaning I get a lie-in on Saturday but unfortunatelty also meaning my 9B's can't complete their demolition of Sacred Heart (we bowled them out for 151 last week and reached 123-2 by the end of play).

Last week we got an outright win (bowling them out, then batting, then bowling them out again before they make our score) in the C-Grade cricket, earning us up to 10 extra points. This weekend, I'll probably be playing for the D-Grade in the one day competition as it is Ross' last game and we should be seeing him off with a good group of guys in that team.

So yes, the end of an era. On Tuesday next week Rossco leaves! Between now and then there will doubtless be copious amounts of... Subway and Iced Coffee as we send him off in style. Paul Ryan has kindly agreed to giving us the day off to take him to the airport, so we should see him right on to the plane!

There's not much else to report; life has been very busy, essentially running a school PE department for the last week and learning how to do full day duties for when Ross leaves!

Did I mention it was 39 degrees today? I am sweltering!

Oh, and there have been four shark sightings off the South Australian coast this week!

I hope life back in Blighty is treating everyone well, and don't worry, I am staying quiet about the rugby!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Summer Sessions

Hello all.

Many apologies for the rather lame last blog. I felt I owed you an update, but if I am ever in such a predicament where nothing has happened again, I shall be sure to comment upon the weather and perhaps shed light onto some of the strange differences between English and Australian cricket (not least of which, too much cricket was lost last year to heat so the cancellation rule has changed to 42 degrees Celsius).

This afternoon was a very pleasant one, indeed an extremely pleasant one. After being told by Frankie (one of the tutors) about a lovely pub up in the hills that just so happens to serve one of, arguably, the top three pints of ale available to man, we made our mission to head up there one afternoon. So, with Ciaran, Jess and Adelle in tow, we headed up to the hills. After a thoroughly enjoyable pint of Bombardier in the glorious spring sunshine, we then headed to the Bird in Hand winery for some wine tasting. A fantastic way to while away a glorious afternoon in Adelaide. In fact, life cannot get much better!

I have the dubious honour next week of, effectively, running the PE department whilst Sean is away, I will be sorting all the fixtures and faxes and all that entails. Should be an interesting one! I'll be sure to let you know how it goes! The week after that, before which I shall hopefully have updated this again, Ross and I have been asked to play in the Staff vs. 1st XI soccer fixture!

As for the cricket, we demolished our opposition yesterday - in what was meant to be an eighty overs game, we bowled our opposition out for 37 and proceeded to knock off 200 in a mere 49 overs. Next week we'll whack them in to bat again and see if we can win outright. Meanwhile, my 9 B side have a 100% record, recording their third win of the season yesterday. With two matches (a 'two-dayer' and a 'one-dayer') left, things are looking good!

So life here is well, though psychologically I am struggling with 36 degree heat in November, and have realised just how much I miss rugby. I am going to make full use of being British in the next month by rooting for all four teams in what I am tipping to be a thoroughly disappointing Grand-Slam tour for the Wallabies (though I admit, with a slight twinge of guilt, if I were a betting man, I would put money on the Scottish game being a low scoring and boring success for the Aussies).

Lastly, please check out our "Mo-vember" page. Despite the potential likeness to the title of a dodgy 70's B movie (at least that's what Dad reckons), it is for a great cause and something really worth while, though I doubt my attempts will be too good! Anything that could be spared would be much appreciated! (I'll be plugging this all throughout Mo-vember!)