Sunday, January 17, 2010

One more small thing

I forgot to mention we're now at the halfway point. I have to thank Mum for letting me know, it would completely passed me by otherwise!

So I will see you all this year, in pretty much exactly 6 months: my ticket runs out on 16th July 2010 so I plan to push that right to the limit!

Mick Fanning, Music, Mess and many many miles...

... and I reckon I will shortly be running out of words that begin with "m".

Once again, my apologies for the amount of time between blog postings, it really can be quite tricky to sit at a computer long enough to get one done!

I did some Maths. yesterday (I never thought I would have use for it ever again) and worked out, using Google Maps that I have travelled, roughly, 3,667 kilometres (that is 2278.57-ish miles) since December 14th 2009 and will travel another 619km this evening to complete my journey, getting into Cairns at around half six in the morning. On Wednesday 20th I fly back to Adelaide and can finally relax.

I will do a trip summary on my return and let you know more stats and figures and what not.

But since I last wrote on here I have done an awful lot... I paddled out at Duranbah next to Mick Fanning, twice ASP world tour Champion, I have been to stay with the Bartlett's in Brisbane and been to Sunset Sounds, where I saw Editors, Seasick Steve, Xavier Rudd, Hilltop Hoods, Dappled Cities, The Temper Trap, King Khan and the Shrines and quite a few more, and I have been on a tour of the Bundy Rum distillery in Bundaberg.

So far it has been pretty epic, and I am sure it will continue to be so for the next four days. That's before we even start talking about Australia day at the ODI back in Adelaide...

I trust your 2010's have all got off to an enjoyable and safe start and I look forward to summing this epciness up for you all when I get home!

Cheers, xxxx

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sydney, Evanshead, Byron and Collangatta

...all had way too much happen to write about in about five minutes of internet time!

Just thought I wouold let everyone know I am alive (just), have seen the Opera House and the Bridge and done heaps of surfing.

Thanks to everyone who sent me Christmas wishes, thoughts and gifts, they are all very much appreciated! I hope everyone has a fantastic 2010 and had a great New Years - just think: I will see you all THIS year now!


Pj xxxx