Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Greatest Drink in the World!

Not for no reason does Farmer's Union Iced Coffee out sell Coca-Cola in South Australia (I'm reliably informed its the only state in the world where it does).

That aside... actually before I go further I should also mention Kit-Kat Chunky Cookies 'n' Cream. Awesome. That and an Iced Coffee... wow.

Now to the point. Nothing much has actually happened recently, hence the lack of updates on the blog. Though I now feel I should at least have to courtesy to let you know that! And perhaps while I'm at it I could have a good ramble and things...

This weekend was fantastic. Friday night we had the Quiz part of the School and Allen Challenge and on Sunday we dressed up as netballers to take part in the orienteering half (see below!):

We acquitted ourselves brilliantly and came first. Though we're not allowed the prizes so it sucks a bit.

In between that (Saturday), I went to watch Matho play his Grand Final footy. Both the A Grade and B Grade were playing Walkerville at Richmond Oval. It was a brilliant day (and night, though I have no idea how I ended up drinking out of the trophy), and despite a loss for the A's, the B's won by a goal and secured it with one after the siren.

I enjoyed it so much I'm seriously considering playing footy next season....

That's pretty much all from me. Except I should be a lot more relaxed come Thursday - I've decided enough is enough and am ordering a coffee machine.

Besides from that, there really is not much going on. Till next time, g'day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Slow Recovery.

Only now, on Wednesday, am I really recovering from the complete madness that was a weekend in Perth with Ross. Though not just any weekend, one where I was an honorary Springbok at the South Africa vs. Australia game!

So we landed in Perth at midnight on Friday - so Saturday morning. We had nowhere to stay and were winging it a bit. So we caught a taxi into Northbridge (a bad move in retrospect: 15 dollars each) and went to a hostel. By this time it was around one and we were told we could check in to the hostel at 5 for one day. Not wanting to spend 15 bucks for four hours sleep we decided to see if we could hang around for four hours. We managed, but only just.

We headed to Northbridge, which is party central, and were extremely scared. So we got a Nando's and went to this awesome jazz club and had a beer. So it turned out pretty good, except we still had two hours to go. We decided to buy some Internet time and managed to get into the room half an hour early. So all was well.

After 5 hours sleep, we got up and had our free breakfast then headed into Perth. We thoroughly abused the CAT - Perth's free transit system - and saw the WACA and the Swan River. After a brilliantly nutritious late lunch, we headed back to our hostel, got changed and made our way to Claremont, where Ross' friend is working at Scotch College for the year.

After meeting everyone, getting our faces painted green, hair sprayed and drinking traditional South African drinks, we headed to the Subiaco Oval for a brilliant game of rugby.

Much of what followed was a blur of hectic awesomeness. All I will say is: B-52s, elevated dance floors, darkness and a crazy Chinese dude at four in the morning. The latter, by the way, is the answer to the question: who changes the adverts in bus stops.

Sunday morning saw us up bright and early, checking out of the hostel. After a dash into town, we headed back to Claremont to regroup. We then had a great guided tour round Perth including Cottesloe Beach, Kings Park and Fremantle. We then got the train back into Perth, hopped on a bus and got to the airport. Where we waited for five hours.

Landed in Adelaide at six in the morning and we both got to work for half eight.

A great weekend was had by all! Big thanks to Ross, the Springboks, Janu and Tiger Airways!

For a full write up of the game click here - the BBC can do a report so much better than I can.

For pictures of the weekend, check out Facebook. Otherwise, a selection will appear on here shortly.

In other news, we (Old Collegians), have got our semi-final against Brighton on Saturday. Should be a great match and I'm really looking forward to it. Otherwise, not much else to report, except to say a belated well done to Kiddo for her results, and everyone else who did GCSE's!