Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Week On

Following the jubilation and hysteria that was results (!), things have calmed down somewhat. Sorry that there was no "the Day after Results post", I didn't really do the "Day Before..." one with the forethought of another, just seemed like a good idea at the time. Preparations have begun in earnest for our trip to Perth at the weekend and the normal working week has provided little distraction. Though we don't actually seem to have done that much except change our status' on Facebook...
Nonetheless, we're mad keen. Probably grossly under prepared and, seeing as we're taking no luggage (the joys of Tiger Airways - the Oz equivalent of Ryanair, but worse), and taking the red eye flights at incredibly unsociable hours, greatly under-estimating the scale of what we're actually doing. Still, should be an adventure. Check here at some point next week for more info!
In the meantime, as mentioned, the usual working week has resumed. Last week was crazy with all the Intercollegiate matches. Our neighbours, PAC (affectionately known as the Poufs Around the Corner), beat us in everything but the debating. But what a week - loads of cheering, school spirit and banter. Brilliant. And the Basketball was a great finale; check out this last second three pointer to win the game. No joke, what a shot.

So after that all settled down, amongst the heartache and the pain, we had a fantastic win at Elizabeth on Saturday, with me scoring another try - equalling the amount I scored in my last two seasons at school in four games at Old Collegians. With the 60-0 thrashing we handed out we secured third spot, lining up a semi against a very beatable Brighton side a week Saturday.
Don't think much else has happened really. Except a spectacular run-out! Yes, I am still enjoying it. These Aussies are so bitter. The chap next to me just said it "wasn't that good"... Its so much fun reminding them. The best bit is, apart from the Autumn Tests, which the Wallabies don't really look like doing that well in anyway, there is no major sporting contest between us this year, so I can enjoy it till June! Even if England do lose (a definite possibility), I handily explain the benefits of being British and support Scotland, which gets me off Scot free (no pun intended) as they're never expected to beat anyone. Speaking of rugby, if you're in Adelaide and want to watch a game, go to the Coopers Ale House - it will be on.
I've seen some Aussie Wildlife too:

So with that I'll sign off. Best of luck to all those who have GCSE results today (the first generation to be educated entirely by Labour - you are historic!) and a well done to all my A-Level buddy's. Have a great first year! Glad some of you are still enjoying reading the blog even though it may be very sarcastic (sod off Ross!).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wenesday, the day before Results... (I couldn't think of anything good to put as the title)

Finished work at school at half past eleven this morning. So, one Italian BMT, a free cappuccino, an amazing white chocolate, Snickers and Oreo ice cream (for cheap because Tom knows the lass who was working at the Cold Rock) and an espresso later and I’m sat in the office coming down from a caffeine and sugar high.

But I’m relaxed. I mean how good is this? I’m in Australia, working for a year and having an absolutely incredible time (not to mention an insane afternoon). Who gives a stuff about exams? I mean seriously, it’s not the end of the world is it? This place is so chilled, I love it! If worst comes to the worst I re-apply, or stay here or something. It really isn't a disaster.

This isn't to say I don't care; I did loads of work (well, some) and really want to go to Durham. But it really isn't the end of the world if it goes pear shaped. It's also not to say I'm not nervous either - who wouldn't be. But... well it's hard to explain. I just hope Mum and Granny's mind is at ease.

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback about the ironing, really useful, though still pretty hard. I'm sure I'll get there though. Also, big thanks to everyone reading this blog. I hope you're enjoying it, I've got to say I'm having fun writing it.

Watch this space for some more detailed posts, and photo's of animals beginning with "K", soon...

Till then, G'day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's been a while

Many apologies for the delay in updating things on this! Hopefully this blog can go some way to informing you as to the reason for the delay!

Firstly, I've booked tickets to South Africa vs. Australia in Perth on 29th August, so in precisely two weeks and three days I shall be leaving Adelaide to go to the most remote city in the world (thanks for that Ross) to see the Bokke kill some Wallabies!

I've also been pretty busy... socialising. I need to get to know the locals, don't I? Life at school continues in much the same vein, though my workload, which is admittedly a lot more than I anticipated, will be reduced tomorrow when Godden starts working.

Had a very nice time in Adelaide yesterday afternoon with Lucy; its very strange that on the other side of the world I'll meet up with a school friend for a burger, beer and an incredible waffle. We're talking absolutely amazing. She then was an honoured guest at the Tuesday night film and pizza session in the flat, although it severely lacked pizza due to funds last night.

Trying to think of what else I can put on here that's happened, and is fit for family consumption, since my last post... OH! I did some ironing this morning. Took me half an hour, maybe even forty minutes, to iron two shirts and some trousers. Badly. Suggestions and tips to or on a postcard to:
Peter Skinner,
St. Peter's College Boarding House,
Hackney Road,
St. Peter's,
SA 5069


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Musical Musings...

Just coming to the end of another duty and a lovely Macca's. In the gap between duty (or dooty as Ross has taken to calling it, with regards to my accent) and roogby I thought I'd do another blog.

Matt Godden, the new Gappy, arrived yesterday and has settled straight in. He started working today and is coaching hockey. Seems like a good lad.

One thing I was dubious about upon arrival (along with Vegemite) was Aussie Hip-Hop, but, it's asctually surprisingly good. The country who have given us Empire of the Sun (who are playing at Parklife on 5th October), have a massive music scene and its hip-hop, despite varying standards, is actually pretty cool. Even if it is a bunch of white blokes rapping. Make sure, if you're interested, you check out the local Adelaide group; The Hilltop Hoods.

Anyway, should head off now, Ross wants to play table tennis.
One more shameless plug though - check out They've got a superb new track.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vegemite amazing. Full stop.

Just thought that I'd let you all know that I've been won over by its salty appeal. I tried my first bit within the first week and dismissed it, but yesterday there was no peanut butter to put on my toast and since then there's been no looking back!

Its been a pretty hectic weekend. We played another Rugby match yesterday, and I scored my first try for Old Collegians. However, that didn't help us going down to Southern Suburbs 24-14 in an atrocious game where we controlled possession and dominated territory. It doesn't affect our bid for a semi-final spot but re-enforces the need for us to go to training!

I went to indoor cricket with the boarders today which was great fun. I got a Subway this evening after Chapel and sat and ate that watching the cricket - bliss.
Tomorrow is Founders Day which involves a Cross-Country run; it'll be interesting being on the staffing side for a change!

On another note, I need to mention a couple of things. Firstly congrats to Ava and Pat on reaching the 12 month milestone (If you don't know Ava, I met her at Durham and she's a legend). Secondly, I'm talking to Ellen who, like Vegemite, is awesome.

On that note, I'll sign off and head to bed - I need it. Till next time: G'Day.