Monday, March 22, 2010


The footy season is well and truly upon us. All forms of the game that use the wondrous thing that is the oval ball have returned. The AFL season begins on Thursday, there is a local seven's competition this weekend and the pre-season cup starts the weekend after Easter, hopefully.

Whilst the cricket season isn't entirely over (the longest running continuous cricket match in the world starts this weekend; unlike Eton and Harrow (don't click on those please, they are ridiculously pompous and annoying websites), Saints and PAC didn't stop for the war (which in my opinion actually doesn't make it something to boast about...)), my boys have a tough job to do against the old enemy this weekend having been set 209 to achieve in 45 overs, and following the epic rugby seven's this weekend, I really have decided that rugby is easily the best game in the world. And that is actually a fact.

The Seven's truly was awesome, Samoa won in a shock final against the USA on Sunday. I took some boys from the boarding house that day and it was awesome; we sat on the hill and enjoyed a great day of awesome rugby. The day before was my opportunity to exploit the free tickets I had blagged for working with the Aussie team all week and so, with Soltaire adorning my face, Scotland shirt worn proudly and a builder's hat to protect me from the sun, I watched Scotland... lose every game. And even me belting out Swing Low and God Save the Queen when my other country played the Aussies didn't help. What a day though!

Next week I'll be playing in a game of Aussie Rules Football! I'm quite excited, especially as it's against the Saints First XVIII! I'll let you know how it goes, though I reckon I might get penalised for tackling too well. I'm playing for SPOC (St. Peter's Old Collegians) F.C. and it's an Under 21 game, so I know most of the guys playing, so it should be a good laugh. I will take some pictures and get them up!

Then the rugby season starts in earnest at Old Collegians RFC, with the, I am told, "traditional" pre-season pub crawl! Friday nights is when the pre-season competition starts then in May the season proper starts, meaning I get around 6 games before I leave. I will certainly be making the most of them!

So bring on the collective "footy" season!

And apologies for my use of parentheses earlier, I got a bit carried away!

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