Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back from camp...

And if I wasn't sure about teaching I am now. Not for me.

The reasons are numerous: teachers aren't paid enough, the rewards (of which there are some) are not worth putting up with homesick boys waking you up every half hour or cleaning up vomit (not something I have done on camp, but something I have had to do twice in the boarding house) and the hours are hideous, in fact you never really stop.

However, major respect to those who are teachers.

Anyway, camp was fairly fun. Apart from the afore-mentioned homesick boy, there was lots of fairly mundane tasks, helping getting food ready, getting boys organised and then joining in (a bit) with the activities, such as raft building and boomerang making.

This week was back to the usual, though I am again running the PE office as Sean (one of my bosses) is away on a conference somewhere. I had my first footy training last night which was awesome. So much so that from now on I am going to be doing one rugby training and one footy a week (they're both on the same day) so I can play as much of both as possible. And I am already down to play the school's First XVIII for the SPOC U21's in a trial game on 31st March. Should be awesome!

That's all for now, I am just about to let you know about the second half of my trip....

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